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The West spreading terrorism all over the world ( Occidentul răspândeste terorismul peste tot în lume)

A Philosopher, writer, filmmaker and investigative journalist says the west is constantly talking about terrorism and is defending its actions against independent countries all over the world based on its fear of terrorism.
“But in fact it is spreading terrorism all over the world because of its interest and its imperialist essence,” said Andre Vltchek addressing the opening ceremony of the Second International Congress of 17000 Iranian Terror Victims.
Following is the full transcript of Vltchek’s presentation:
The last three years I spent travelling all over the world basically trying to defined what is the policy and what are the actions of the imperialist countries, the countries of the west, US and Europe. I covered dozens of conflicts, I went to all continents of the world, where the west is actually trying to ostracize, attack and often destroy the countries that are standing all its way to the total global domination. The result was a one-thousand-page book called “Exposing Lies of the Empire”. Why is Iran a target of terrorist attacks sponsored by the west? My conclusion is, it is because it is obviously doing many things right.
Today each and every country in the world that resists western imperialism is on the hit list, is being ostracized, isolated and even attacked and of course Iran is no exception. What is really terrorism? Terrorist actions are mostly targeted against the common people. Common people are those who are suffering. Common people in the countries that are proud, that stand on their own, that stand by their own principles.
Terrorism has many faces. One of the ugliest of them is colonialism. Iran is most of the countries around the world experienced colonialism, western colonialism, on its turf. Iran also suffered from other forms of terrorism. In 1953 its president Mosaddeq was overthrown by western conspiracy. It is because Mosaddeq’s government and its progressive social and socialist ideals were not acceptable to the west. Then the west was supporting the war, invasion of Iraq to Iran. The enormous cost was to human lives to soldiers but also to civilians. Hundreds of thousands of people vanished. After the revolution Iran was suffering from sanctions, from blockades and finally from the sponsored terrorisms. Terrorism sponsored by the west, in which as was mentioned by your honorable president 17000 people vanished.
The west is constantly talking about terrorism. It is defending its actions against independent countries all over the world based on its fear of terrorism. But in fact it is spreading terrorism all over the world because of its interest and its imperialist essence. Islam is a peaceful religion and it is also very social, very socialist religion in fact
After the Second World War, actually most of Muslim countries were on the course of very moderate, very accepting, very socially oriented development. It goes for Iran, it goes for Egypt, and it goes for the largest Muslim country on Earth Indonesia. Let’s see what the west did. They overthrew Mossadeq’s government in Iran. We know what happened in Egypt. And in Indonesia in 1965, between 2 and 3 million people died during the western sponsored military coup against President Sukarno which brought to power military regime of general Suharto. The west basically created almost all terrorist organization in the Muslim world. It used groups mujahedin in Afghanistan during its war with Soviet Union.
And we know what happened with ISIL, with Daesh. I covered Daesh on the borders between Turkey and Syria and on the borders between Jordan and Syria. Basically Daesh was created in so-called refugee camps in Syria close to the city of Hatay in one of the refugee camps called Apaydın. But also in RAF and US air Force based in Kadena. In Zakhari camps in Jordan. Other investigative journalists we tracked with the Turkish colleagues the movement of early Daesh between the border and the camps they were bringing injured people from the fighting in Syria and they were bringing weapons back to the battlefield in Syria; All this at the full knowledge of Turkish government that of course sponsored by the NATO countries.
And then in Iraq I witnessed just as 6 or 7 kilometers to the city of Mosul, I witnessed three powers that were fighting in the region destroying basically Iraq all three traceable to the US and to the UK. One was Daesh, as we determined supported by the west, one was Kurdish army which was actually directly trained by the UK and the US and the third was the US Air Force itself which was bombing the Iraqi villages. But it is Iran which is accused of terrorism and supporting terrorism by the west. I came here from Lebanon and Lebanon as we know is a new battlefield now where the opposition movements that began fighting for social changes is being infiltrated by the groups that are again very close to the western interests. One of the reasons is because of Hezbollah. And everybody in Lebanon knows it is the only social force which is actually reaching even to non-Muslim groups in this highly divided group. And the only reason why there is attempt to destabilize Lebanon or one of the main reasons is that Hezbollah is closely allied with Iran and Iran is seen by the west as one of the main enemies.
But why is Iran seen as one of the main enemies of the west?  It is because Iran is a proud member of the group of countries, very important countries all over the world which is resisting western imperialism.
My adopted continent is Latin America. That’s where I lived for many years. That’s where we fought for our revolutions and for the changes. And in Latin America, Iran is seen as a close ally, as a brother, in the fight against the western terrorism that is being spread all over the world including Latin America where so many leaders were assassinated where so many coups against democratically elected governments were performed.
Iran is a fraternal country to all the nations, be it in Latin America, be it Africa, Russia, China, that said enough. Enough of this rule of one group of nations that were for centuries dominating and destroying the world. In my book and the film the great American opposition philosopher, Noam Chomsky, we determined that the world is not afraid of Iran. When the research was done and the people of the Middle East were asked what the most dangerous country on earth is, Iran didn’t make it anywhere to top five. The number one and number two where the United States and Israel. But the reality is being twisted. As my great Indian friend Arundhati Roy once wrote, the western propaganda defines black as a white and it defies war as peace. The truth is that Iran is a part of the group of nations that proudly stands and proudly fights for survival of humanity.

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